Wildcat Political Strikes: #HandsUpDontShip and revolutionary unionism

In my post on the IWW’s General Convention I mentioned the events around the police murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. “It seems clear that the anger over continual police murder of black and brown men has been simmering at a new level since the murder of Oscar Grant, that is, since the start […]


A choice of Conventions: IWW or DragonCon

The IWW Convention is coming up this weekend – the same weekend as DragonCon. Somehow, despite growing up as a nerd in Georgia, I’ve never been to DragonCon, and really want to go. However I also haven’t been to an IWW Convention since 2007, back when they were still assemblies, and I’ve decided that DragonCon […]

Hal Draper, American Marxist

al was part of the Worker’s Party, a group that during WW2 was virtually alone in promoting a labor opposition to the war, and a left opposition to Russian imperialism. Given how tiny they were at the start of the war they did have notable successes, although many of their leaders were later either swallowed into the UAW bureaucracy or academia. Hal would later point to this as “optimal conditions” for what he would call a micro-sect dressing itself up as a mass party, as the Workers Party had a monopoly on a left critique of Russia and the war at the time and had a great will to find roots among industrial workers, all while trying to be rooted in the everyday life of the country.