Can there be a radical labor movement in North America that rejects capitalist misery and fights for a cooperative commonwealth?

Can this movement justify itself based on the history and culture of North America?

Can the people trying to build this movement be not weird?

The original title for this blog was to be “reasonably radical”, as I want to promote the idea that one can be in favor of a working-class takeover and transformation of industry, without being strange about it.

Since that URL is taken, I’ve decided to call this blog “Life-long Wobbly”, which also points to the basic belief that being a labor radical can be a conscious life decision just as much as having children or a career – and that therefore it is normal and natural for there to be open discussions about how someone can be successful as a labor radical, just as with raising children or advancing in a career.

I’ve been a member of the IWW since 2005. It has been both frustrating and rewarding, like any movement built of real human beings will always be. We have almost entirely lost our cultural memory of how to maintain and build mass organizations which are democratic, member-led, and member-financed. In using this blog as a tool to raise problems that we face and promote debate around them, I am primarily focused on promote a culture of “Lifelong Wobblies” but I hope that the ideas and discussion will find a wider echo among other “reasonable radicals”.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Your articles on the IWA have been posted in the Anarcho-syndicalist Facebook Page. Are you familiar with Anarcho-Syndicalist Review?

    Jeff Stein


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