Building Revolutionary Unionism Anywhere Means Building Revolutionary Unionism in the South

This is a recording from the IWW Southern Speaking Tour event which took place in Houston, TX, earlier this summer. The IWW Southern Speaking Tour saw events in 13 different Southern Cities and was probably the largest coordinated IWW activity across the South since the 1930s. We hope that it’s just the prelude to much […]


“The leftists go into the business unions, but they don’t come out”: books for a renewed American workers movement, part 3: Solidarity for Sale

  Fitch, Robert. Solidarity for Sale: How Corruption Destroyed the Labor Movement and Undermined America’s Promise. New York: PublicAffairs Books, 2006. Hardcover, 432 pages, $7.88. “In 1997, a Bureau of Labor Standards reports revealed that New York City, where UNITE [now UNITE HERE] had its headquarters, had the worst sweatshop problem in the nation. About […]